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June 6, 2018
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The Value of a Repeatable Process

The value of a repeatable process is immeasurable. Anything can be done once, twice, or three times, but that doesn’t mean it’s repeatable; an essential concept in any business. At Smart Legal Solutions, we have a process for everything we do. It is ingrained in our corporate culture. What is the value of a repeatable process and why is it a core concept for us? First, let’s define repeatable as the ability to perform an action or produce an outcome virtually an infinite number of times without the predictable loss of quantity or quality. Business processes must be repeatable or the operations will have variation. Variation is good if you are an artist trying to produce unique masterpieces or a writer looking to publish the next best seller. Variation is bad if you are trying to control costs and maximize ROI.

Imagine if every time your accounting department balanced the company accounts, they used different columns. Or if your marketing team changed the logo ever so slightly every time they created an ad. Or if every time you bought eggs at the grocery store, you got a different quantity: A dozen yesterday, 11 last weekend, eight next time. You never know what you are going to get. The best business practice is to avoid those variables. Repeatability is a measure of variation from cycle to cycle over a defined time frame and is controlled with procedures, training, equipment or tools (in some cases), and raw material uniformity to name a few.

How does this apply to marketing?

If the raw material, i.e. lead quality and quantity vary from day-to-day or person-to-person, then the quality and quantity of the sales produced (product) will vary as well, which would ultimately make company growth projects impossible, budgets meaningless, and long-term viability difficult. Bottom line is to make any process successful a key factor is its repeatability and the best way to establish it is to know your process, implement the appropriate controls, and monitor the right metrics.