medical record review
The medical record review for legal purposes
June 26, 2019

Litigation support is the ultimate boost that your firm requires to perk up the productivity. It enables attorneys to focus on delivering great legal work. Litigation processes are quite complicated and hence professional legal support is crucial. Learn how small firms are particularly supported.

Litigation processes are complicated and time-consuming, involving attorneys and law firms. Litigation support professionals provide assistance in creating databases that help manage litigation data, aid in vendor management, help with document management and any other assistance the law firms or attorneys may require preparing for cases.

What is Litigation Support?

It is an effort to organize the factual information in your case. In other words, it encompasses an activity that involves managing electronic data in its native form and is provided by attorneys, litigation support software, third-party vendors, paralegals and litigation support professionals.

How does litigation support help small firms?

  1. Prepares electronic data

Managing electronic files is an inescapable part of modern litigation. Increasingly, every case has some component of managing “native,” or original, files in additional to imaged PDFs.  For example – emails.

  • Gets the facts right

A professionally done litigation support prevents lawyers from wasting time on key documents or deposition testimony. With the information bundled and delivered as highly relevant blocks, the level of effort is reduced automatically before starting off with the legal and factual work.

  • Enables focus

Maintaining litigation support professionally is like hiring a prep chef so that you can focus on the main cooking. The organizational tasks involved in preparing for deposition or drafting a brief are significant. And drain the precious time and mental energy needed to shape the content.

  • Improves work product quality

Using litigation support for non-legal issues helps break up preparation time, providing your brain a much needed break from deep-dives on legal and factual issues.

  • Combats isolation

Preparing for witness is not only a solitary exercise, it also results in a sense of isolation. Lawyers can struggle with not feeling supported in their work. Effective litigation support is a great way to collaborate on an important project and seeing your legal strategy implemented.

  • Reduces stress and improves job satisfaction

Lawyers are all too familiar with the stress and tension that comes with their career. Legal work is exhilarating and interesting, but the stress is intense. Knowing you always have backup can help you relax and enjoy your work again.

Doesn’t this sound great? If you are content with the idea of litigation support, it’s time to gear up and go for professional help. Most small firms don’t have formal litigation support departments, and even in large firms, associates or paralegals deliver these services, often without training or expertise. Don’t be one of them. Get in touch with the professionals at Smart Legal Solutions by visiting them on or by calling up at 833-825-6408.