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June 6, 2018
proving 9/11 compensation claims
Proving 9/11 compensation claims. What You Need to Know.
June 10, 2018

The key to Smart Legal Solutions’ success is our telephone bedside manner.

People often think that Smart Legal Solutions LLC clients are law firms or big insurance carriers that need outsource support services. But we think of our clients as the patients those attorneys and insurance companies serve.  They are ones who really matter.

At Smart Legal Solutions, part of our process includes a bedside manner you would be hard-pressed to find in some hospitals, let alone outsource service providers. We take care of our clients – your qualified leads – and maintain frequent contact from start to finish, or from intake to the settlement of their claim.

We begin with a comprehensive questionnaire at intake that launches our client profile. Our skilled intake teams know what to ask and how to gently prod information from patients who have suffered or are still suffering through medical hardships and pain brought on by bad drugs or unsafe medical devices.

“These are people who have already gone through hell,” said David Cabrera, vice president of intake and sales at Smart Legal Solutions. “We’ve had victims who have had divorces or couldn’t get into a relationship because they couldn’t be intimate. We had one woman who hadn’t left the house for a year because of leakage.”

Attorneys may not always have the time to follow up with phone calls to assuage their clients’ fears or concerns. That’s where our case management and client management teams come in handy. They call our clients back with what we call the “welcome call,” which tells them that they have a case and that we are on it. That gives our clients hope.

We give the client some measure of comfort — as they learn that somebody is finally fighting for them — as we verify all the intake information and get their authorization to request medical records.

In many cases, the injury was 10 or 15 years ago. People forget details. We often call clients back to get more information or the correct information to gather all the medical records. And sometimes those records can take months to retrieve.

“It’s important to maintain an ongoing relationship,” Cabrera said. “We call every 14 days, even if nothing is going on, to see how they are doing and if there is anything new. We don’t want them to get anxious and call another attorney.”

Our clients can also call us. We provide them with a direct contact case manager if they have questions about their case or just need some hand-holding. In our business, there are a lot of other places our clients can go for relief if we treat them with anything but the utmost respect and professionalism.

“We are really changing people’s lives,” Cabrera said. “And you don’t do that with one phone call.” 

At Smart Legal Solutions, our customer service is our pride. We offer inclusive services optimized for your organization’s success. To request a demo or learn more about our services, contact us today.