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March 25, 2019
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If you have ever worked in a law firm, you know how satisfying it is to have a case or matter which is completely streamlined with all the invoices in order, all the dockets filed chronologically, all project are in sync and that every correspondence about the client is just a click away! But we know how it is.

A legal case management system (or “CMS”) is often called the foundation of the law practice. Even though the consequences are different for every cases, the investigative approach is almost similar for all the process needs and goals.

Of the many advantages of the case management, here are some of the top most important points you should know:

  • Time tracking

Simply put, if you can’t track the time, you cannot bill the time. While some law firms might have alternative fee arrangements, most law firms are now planning to have case management system which can handle both active and passive timekeeping.

  • Document management

It goes without saying how all legal works are document driven. Be it real papers or electronic documents, when the dockets are placed in order, it gives a huge litigation support in the investigation and save the time from all these heap of papers.

  • Calendaring & docketing

Missing the deadlines is the easiest way to a malpractice claim! But it affects the impression of the firm adversely. A CMS calendar can link deadlines, tasks, events along with the case documents, histories and contacts. Also, any CMS platform, which might be on-premises or cloud, are incorporated with some sort of calendaring function, which, for instance can sallocate responsibility to multiple users.

  • Ability to incorporate

The ability to integrate is one of the essential factors that is required in any law firm case management system. The state-of-the-art approach helps to address the functionality whether it is on cloud-based and on-premises CMS platforms which have an inspiring arrangement of integrations.

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