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Take advantage of our expert team, refined process and robust technology by outsourcing your claims auditing or adjudication process to us. Claims auditing and adjudication can be time consuming which results in unclear fixed costs; we can help on a variable cost basis. Because we can both retrieve and review medical records, you don’t have to spend any coordination time between departments or vendors. We are the only team you need.

Our veteran experts and medical personnel are well versed in both HIPAA and HITECH rules and limitations and have a streamlined process for getting the records you need in record time.

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"We don't just talk to [our clients] once. We stay in contact with them. Every 14 days, even if we don't have an update, we still contact them. That's one thing that really makes us stand out."

David Cabrera
Vice President of Intake and Sales


How We Can Help

  • Retrieve and review all pertinent medical records to provide a complete medical history
  • Identify gaps or missing records and plug in the holes
  • Organize records by facility, provider, date and document type or other customized fields
  • Digitize medical records so they are indexed, paginated, date-stamped and searchable
  • Provide you with a clear, concise summary, so that you know immediately what is important
  • Create a timeline chronology with key facts and hyperlinked records

  • Claims Adjusting and Adjudicating:
  • Review claims against the policy
  • Review claims against pre-existing conditions and past procedures
  • Digitize our findings so they are searchable
  • Provide a clear summary statement with links to the relevant medical records
  • Create a timeline chronology with key facts and hyperlinked records
  • Compare provided medical treatment against normal and customary provided procedural tables
  • Perform pricing analysis against normal and customary provided pricing tables
  • Better with Technology

    Leverage the power of our technology. Our in-house development team can integrate with your system or receive data based on your needs. We work to make the process easy for your team with regular and detailed reporting.

    Cut Your Timeline by Half

    We can condense the amount of time it takes to complete the medical records evaluation to 72 hours or less. Speedier medical records evaluation turnaround time means faster decision making.

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