June 9, 2018
Smart Legal Solutions

What is Smart Legal Solutions?

The key to Smart Legal Solutions’ success is our telephone bedside manner. People often think that Smart Legal Solutions LLC clients are law firms or big insurance carriers that need outsource support services. But we think of our clients as the patients those attorneys and insurance companies serve.  They are ones […]
June 6, 2018
online healthcare

Americans Demand Online Healthcare

Americans Demand Online Healthcare Although telehealth and online healthcare are by no means novel concepts, at first glance they can appear culturally shifting and disruptive technologies for many users. If you consider telehealth as the modern facilitation of age old practices, like the house call or midnight phone call, then […]
June 6, 2018
repeatable process

The Value of a Repeatable Process

The Value of a Repeatable Process The value of a repeatable process is immeasurable. Anything can be done once, twice, or three times, but that doesn’t mean it’s repeatable; an essential concept in any business. At Smart Legal Solutions, we have a process for everything we do. It is ingrained […]
June 6, 2018
cloud based EHR

Cloud Based EHR Systems – Are They Safe?

Are Cloud Based EHR Systems Safe? In the past few years, cloud based EHR systems have caused a lot of debate. Your health information is almost always stored electronically now — whether you know it or not. Have you ever gotten a prescription filled at a pharmacy? Been to a hospital in […]